All Saints CofE (VA) Primary School

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Our Maths curriculum

At All Saints Primary School, all our pupils are given the opportunity to develop their mathematical potential through a rich, engaging curriculum. We present maths as a visual, multidimensional and cross-curricular subject, using modelling, manipulatives, visuals and motion. We expect children to draw diagrams and use concrete resources to help them to interpret problems; we encourage them to discuss, reason and prove when solving problems. We have a shared vision and know that skills such as asking good questions, helping others, using different representations, rephrasing problems, explaining ideas, being logical, justifying methods or bringing a different perspective to a problem are highly valued and give all our pupils opportunities to succeed and feel good about maths.

Our Maths curriculum provides a consistency of pedagogical approach from Reception to Year 6, with carefully designed steps of learning and progression of skills and content.

Key features of daily lessons include:

  • CPA approach (Concrete-Pictorial-Abstract)
  • Rich mathematical talk and logical reasoning (speaking frames help children articulate and develop language for explaining mathematical thinking)
  • Maths games (learning is enjoyable, collaborative and meaningful)
  • Destination questions and buffer zones for each sequence (allowing teachers to know that children have mastered a concept before moving on).

As a result, our pupils:

  • Enjoy the subject and study it with increasing fascination, assurance and a sense of achievement
  • Make connections between the different areas in the programme of study to develop fluency and mathematical reasoning when solving problems
  • Develop a growth mind-set, take risks and learn from mistakes
  • Know multiple strategies and are discerning about which to use depending on the context
  • Are equipped with the knowledge, skills and understanding they will require in future study and adult life.