All Saints CofE (VA) Primary School

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Physical Education

PE and Sport

 At All Saints, we have developed and agreed a detailed and comprehensive topic overview for when specific activities, disciplines and sports will be delivered throughout the academic year, alongside a progression of skills document which outlines the skills, knowledge and learning expected to take place within each year group.

The level and ability of particular children and cohorts have to be taken into consideration to match closely their learning in physical education with their starting points and current level of understanding and consequently planning is adjusted accordingly.

Teachers and staff leading PE make use of the scheme GetSet4PE, utilising the progression of skills document and sports overview to ensure the specific learning intentions are met and skills are developed within their year group at an age-appropriate level.

We believe that P.E. should provide opportunities for pupils:

  • To develop the confidence and self-esteem of each child through a range of physical activities.
  • To develop the physical skills and control of each child and their ability to apply these skills across a range of situations.
  • To support pupils in developing their co-operation, problem solving and group work.
  • To work independently, in pairs and small groups, and within larger teams.
  • To support pupils in learning listening and communication skills.
  • To understand how to practise safely at all times.
  • To participate actively in the process of planning, performing and evaluating their own skills and the work of others.
  • To understand and encourage all elements of a healthy lifestyle by increasing their knowledge of the effects exercise has on the body.
  • To appreciate, manage and understand the importance of success and failure.
  • To fairly access all aspects of PE regardless of ability, gender or race.
  • To experience satisfaction and enjoyment in physical activity and encourage a lifelong appreciation and participation within physical activity.

In 2023/24, we achieved the Silver Sports Games Mark.